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What style of two step is taught on Dance Store videos?
This is traditional Country-Western Two Step (also called The Texas Two Step, the dance made popular by the movie, Urban Cowboy). This is the dance and the style that is danced in Country-Western night clubs. The footwork timing for this dance is quick, quick, slow, slow. Being the "foundation moves," the moves shown on this tape are as perfect for social dancing as they are for entry-level country-western dance competitions.

Beginners almost always do three things wrong:

  1. They bounce as they step. The basic step of two step should be smooth. This sounds easy, but most beginners bounce. The feet should pass, not close, with every step, just like in normal walking. Strides should be long, confident, and smooth, without bounce, without stutter stepping.
  2. They close their feet, rather than passing their feet, especially on the second quick. Tentative stutter steps often result from a fear of stepping on the lady's toes. This should not happen if the lady extends and steps to the toe on her backwards steps. In addition, the lady and man should be slightly offset, such that the leader's right foot steps between her feet, NOT in direct line with her feet. In addition to this, your thighs and calves should brush as you stride, your feet "tracking" close together, as opposed to stepping with legs wide apart like you've been riding a horse all day.
  3. Beginners typically have bad frame, connection, and posture. Arms need to be help up, the frame needs to be strong, and all of the connection points need to be secure. In addition, don't stoop or look at the floor or at your feet. Stand up tall and dance confidently!

    Comment: Though all of this sounds like common sense, more than 90% of social dancers will either bounce, stutter step, look down at their feet, or allow their frame and posture to collapse.

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