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The old saying is that if you can walk, you can dance the Merengue. With one step taken to each beat of music, dancing the Merengue is like marching, and it's just about as easy. Add "Cuban motion" hip action, and this easy dance also becomes sexy. Hundreds of dance figures are possible and just about anything goes in Merengue.

Our Videos & DVD's
Merengue Volume 1 (Beginner - Intermediate)

This tape is fully suitable for the complete beginner. This tape starts at the very beginning and it explains the basic step, how to count the music, and, most important, how to achieve "Cuban motion." Our video shows a simple sure-fire way to achieve the "Cuban motion," which is so important for this dance. We also show you how to avoid common errors. This video goes on to show all of the most common and familiar Merengue patterns and it goes further to show pretzels and tunnels.

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Instructors: Joe and Jamie
about 85 minutes
Number of Patterns: over 20
DVD: $30

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