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Nightclub Partner Dancing

This was an ambitious undertaking - an attempt to teach you how to dance to just about any song you will ever hear in any nightclub setting, whether disco, Latin, rock & roll, or country. Eight dances are covered in this 90-minute video: triple timing swing (jitterbug), three count hustle, four count hustle, cha cha, rumba, salsa, merengue, and slow dancing. These dances are easy to learn. Most important, we show you how to listen to the music to determine which dance is most appropriate. Popular music clips are used to illustrate each dance. We show a great way to spice up your slow dance. We also focus on the hustle, the dance featured in and made famous by the movie, Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta.

Knowing how to social dance is a valuable, rewarding, and important skill set and it's guaranteed to expand your social circle and your popularity. This might be the most rewarding course you've ever taken. You may be able to learn the whole set of dances in just one afternoon! This was a special project of The Dance Store. There are no other videos on the market similar to this one in scope, purpose, or completeness.

This video teaches "partner dances," not "free style" or hip hop dancing where you basically "shake ya thang." Several figures are shown for each dance. This video should accomplish its intent: to allow you to dance in almost any nightclub setting to just about any song that is played! This video is aimed at the social dancer, not the ballroom competitor who needs to dance to exacting standards. This video teaches a "club version" of rumba, cha cha, and salsa. This video is perfect for the complete beginner. This video is an incredible bargain - a complete course for less than the price of one private lesson!

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Instructors: Joe and Jamie
about 90 minutes
DVD: $35
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