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Made popular by the movie, "Urban Cowboy," the two step is a fast traveling dance with many turns. In the two step, the dancers move counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the dance floor. The basic step is similar to an ordinary walking step, but the the footwork timing is quick, quick, slow, slow.

Our Videos & DVD's

The Official and Complete Two Step Bronze Syllabus

This is the very best two step video on the market, period. It's well organized, it starts from the basic step, it builds in a logical fashion, it covers all of the most popular and most important figures, and it's a great bargain: 2 full hours with more than 45 patterns. This tape is fully suitable for the complete beginner, but it goes on to show all 45 syllabus figures, including all of the most popular intermediate figures of two step.

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Instructors: Joe and Sarah
2 hours
Number of Patterns: 45 plus additional combinations and "connectors"
DVD: $40
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The Official and Complete Two Step Silver Syllabus and Gold Syllabus

This is a great companion video for the Bronze Syllabus. It contains both the silver syllabus and the gold syllabus. The Silver Syllabus contains 20 very popular intermediate figures. The Gold Syllabus contains 14 very popular advanced figures. Most of the intermediate figures can be led and followed easily. The gold syllabus shows you how to dance the really cool (but difficult) patterns that are popular among country western dance competitors.

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Instructors: Joe and Sarah
85 minutes
Number of Patterns: 20 Silver and 14 Gold plus bonus moves
DVD: $40
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Two Step Special!

Both tapes for $70.00. This is a great deal: 3 1/2 hours of great material for the cost of one private lesson! Both tapes together provide a comprehensive collection of the very most popular figures in two step. This video set provides a great overview of this dance and this video set is a veritable reference department on two step.

Length: about 3 1/2 hours
Number of Patterns: over 80
DVD: $70
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