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East Coast Swing
Learn this dance in an hour and start having a blast at the local swing dance club! East Coast Swing is easy, intuitive, and not terribly structured. It fits perfectly with jukebox swing tunes. The basic step is triple step, triple step, rock step.

West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is a cool, sexy dance that spotlights the lady. Like hustle, it's perfect for nightclub dance-beat music. This dance consists of six and eight count patterns that are danced in a slot. Much expression and creativity are possible with this dance.
Our Videos & DVD's

East Coast Swing Volume 1 (Beginner-Intermediate)

This tape, which uses the easy, "follow the leader" teaching method, is fully suitable for the complete beginner. It contains many "follow along" practice sessions. East Coast Swing, also known as Jitterbug or triple timing swing, is the most popular type of swing.

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Instructors: Joe and Patricia
about 90 minutes
Number of Patterns: about 35
DVD: $30

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West Coast Swing Volume 1 (Beginner-Intermediate)

Recently revised and expanded, this video has two hours of material, including awesome scenes from televised west coast swing performances and scenes from the biggest dance competitions. This tape covers the complete standard syllabus (including the push, side passes, underarm turns, whips, tuck turns, etc.) but goes on to show variations on these basic figures.

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Instructors: Joe, Sarah and Patricia
2 hours
Number of Patterns: over 40
DVD: $30
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West Coast Swing Volume 2

This two hour DVD is completely packed with more than 60 patterns.  This is twice the content of most videos!  Please look at the previews to see some of the cool moves.  This video builds directly on volume 1, showing popular and essential figures for west coast swing dancers.  In addition it shows some cool and sexy moves.  Included are 1) many patterns that involve swivels for the lady, 2) a boatload of patterns than have tunnels and quick tunnels, 3) many patterns that show you how to hit breaks or stops in the music, and 4) a boatload of whip combination figures, some easy, some long and intricate.  We also show how to chain the figures together to build a nice routine.  This video is an incredible bargain.  The DVD contains a menu with a chapter for each figure.
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Instructors: Joe and Sarah
2 hours
Number of Patterns: over 60
DVD: $40
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West Coast Swing Special!

West Coast Volumes 1 and 2 for $65.00.  This is an incredible bargain: four hours of figures for the price of one private lesson!  These two volumes provide more than the essential foundation - there is enough material to build at least two full dance routines.  The DVD format with a chapter for each figure makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  All figures are grouped by common theme.

Instructors: Joe, Sarah and Patricia
4 hours
Number of Patterns: over 100
DVD: $65
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